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When the world of webcam shows was not as busy and as crowded as today, they were experts on how to strengthen relationships between users and girls. Little by little, relationships developed and the business started to grow, so the model grew and other providers of these services appeared in the most popular pornographic hits.

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This model of interaction with the most excited girls on the Internet has helped bring the porn content to users and present it more accurately, in which the personalization of the content is optimized, because the webcam can pay attention to the demands of the user, in particular. if it is the premium service of private broadcasts. This proximity has given a completely different dimension to pornography, as it places the viewer in an active position regarding the sexual content of the programs.

As in scenes XXX, girls are very varied. And it was also a very important step to give value to fans, since they were gradually imposed on pornstars because their naturalness allows the user to see fantasy as something much closer and achievable . The pages have benefited economically from the situation, as one might expect, the big producers not wanting to make the jump to this change of model, they preferred to stay out and simply make a link to the places where they offer this product. service After all, everyone experiences sex as they feel most comfortable and it is true that webcams offer a more direct and dynamic contact with girls. This is perhaps one of the main arguments in favor of this system and it could perhaps be applied in one way or another to more conventional porn.

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After all, the content itself can be identical to that of XXX scenes. Most obvious are the masturbation sessions, the incorporation of another person to the show to represent situations of couple. In this case, it happens sometimes that two webcam players unite to give a show that benefits both, because the followers of one can become fans of the other and vice versa. In this whirlwind of conversations, touching emotions and anything that comes to mind, it’s a pleasure to actively participate in the development of the action because the user is able to determine in a certain measures the behavior of the girl. . Obviously, premium services always allow better control of the situation, which is positive for both the user and the show in general.

Obviously, he did not miss the opportunity to record this kind of LiveJasmin concerts, and then download them with more traditional scenes. When recorded in real time, without cuts or opportunity to repeat a part of the scene, it is much more natural and attractive, like the charm that porn has when played by amateurs. We also love the diversity of girls we can enjoy. This allows you to choose the girls you love the most and have multiple windows open at the same time, so that a stronger and more durable link is established between the user and the webcammer, which increases the fidelity of the user on the Web.

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Do not think that these webcam shows are minor shows. In them, girls are as slutty as in the more conventional XXX scenes and show what they are capable of, either alone or in company. Yes, it’s true, there may be impassive moments where the action shines through its absence, as they spend many hours in front of the screen and also engage in other activities, such as talking on the phone or get a manicure. But this is also part of the charm of LiveJasmin webcammers, their natural.